Being more accurate and lighter for aerospace; and resistant to ultra-high/ultra-low temperature, oxidation and extreme space environment

Application overview

To accommodate such extreme conditions as ultra-high/ultra-low temperature, high vacuum, heavy stress, high corrosion, aircraft must have optimal structural design and materials with excellent property and function. High-performance fluorine-containing plastics (FEP and PFA) can effectively protect aircraft against tough operating environments and avoid possible failure and accidents caused by electrical insulation and insulating material because it is insulating, stable, and resistant to high temperature, fire and radiation. Therefore, it is very important for cables of aerospace. Since the economic cost of 100,000 dollars will be saved if the weight of 1KG is reduced, we have to remove whatever we can without compromising quality. High-performance fluorine-containing plastics (FEP and PFA) can replace high-density metallic materials of spacecraft and slash their weight up to 85%. Doing so will increase economic returns and guarantee flight speed.

Industry application

Insulated spool

Heat-shrink tubing, seal plate and radome

Special service valve for aircraft

Seal ring and wheel hub

High-temperature insulated ring

Parts of aerospace