The flexibility of fluorine-containing membrane brings more hook faces and aesthetics. Fluorine-containing electric wire that is flame retardant keeps the wiring system of high-rise buildings safer.

Application overview

"Straight line belongs to man, while curves to God." -- Gaudi

The Water Cube and Allianz Arena have testified flexibility and hook face of ETFE membrane that bring diversified senses of art and extensibility for buildings. The replacement of glass by membrane reduces load-bearing and hidden safety hazards (glass cracks and falls) of high-rise buildings, hence safeguarding appearance and safety at the same time. In addition, high-rise buildings are covered with a complicated wiring system that is interlaced with concealed conduits and wires. Additional room is reserved for signal transmission rate and space usage. In case of fire, huge costs will be caused by escape, rescue and loss. All these factors require the high performance of wiring systems. Skyscrapers taller than 30 stories in the US must be provided with fluorine-containing wiring systems. FEP that is resistant to flame, heat, chemicals, and radiation can effectively decrease fire hazards caused by wiring system and make time for escape and emergency rescue.

Industry application

Communication cable

Electric wire

ETFE materials for building