Electronic industry and electrical engineering

Special plastic is an indispensable material of electronic industry and electrical engineering, and plays a major role accordingly.

Application overview

Constant progress in advanced technology and materials science needs quicker signal velocity and lighter electronic components of modern electronic systems, demanding better materials and technology. The service life of electronics finally rests on its insulator. Insulation materials possibly withstand extreme mechanical, thermal, and severe environments while using, requiring durable heat resistance and favorable electrical insulation property. Such features of new high-performance special plastics as lightweight, strong specific strength, stable chemical properties, favorable insulation and heat resistance, shock absorption, abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, and molding have made it become an indispensable part of the electronic industry and electrical engineering. For instance, fluorine-containing plastic (FEP and PFA) can be used for high-power electronic components and electrical power systems because it is resistant to high and low temperature and corrosion.

Industry application

Electric power system

Power battery

High-temperature electronic wires